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Las Vegas Scooter Repair Services


Las Vegas Scooter Repair & Upgrades

We offer the most competitive prices on scooter & moped repair in Las Vegas. Below is a list of just some of the scooter maintenance options we provide. Feel free to call us to ask about anything custom or not listed here.


Motor Installs - New & Used

new motors 300.00 plus 100.00 for labor and 50.00 more for 80 kit

used motor 200.00 plus 100.00 for labor and 50.00 more for 80 kit


Scooter 80cc Basic High Performance Upgrade Kit

If you want to really enjoy your 50cc scooter, upgrade with this kit to 80cc. Upgrade your moped to keep up with traffic better and add more top speed and acceleration. This kit includes parts & installation of the following:

  • Cylinder

  • Premium Bando™ belt

  • New sliders

  • Piston & Rings

  • Valve Adjustment and spark plug

Price: $150.00 Installed


Scooter 100cc Super High Performance Upgrade Kit

If you want to get the most speed out of your 50cc scooter, double the size with this 100cc ki. This upgrade is guaranteed to help you stay with traffic better and add the most top speed and acceleration to your bike. This kit includes parts & installation of the following:

  • Cylinder

  • Premium Bando™ belt

  • New sliders

  • Piston & Rings

  • Valve Adjustment and Spark Plug

Price: $200.00 Installed


Deluxe Moped Oil Change Service

Regular maintenance of your scooter in Las Vegas is critical to get the maximum life out of your engine. Oil changes are recommended every 500 miles to ensure minimal wear on your engine components and provide maximum torque, acceleration, and top speed. Oil change service includes:

  • Premium Engine Oil change

  • Premium Gear Oil change

  • Clean & Inspect Air Filter

Price: $22.00


Scooter CVT Belt Replacement

The CVT transmission in your moped or scooter uses a belt which wears down over time. This is a critical component to make sure you replace every 2000 miles or so, depending on how hard you ride the bike and how much you weigh. Belt installation includes the following:

  • Installation of premium Bando™ belt

  • Inspection of other CVT parts for wear or breakage

Price: $60.00 Installed. $30.00 for belt only


Scooter Alarm System Installation

Las Vegas has some rough neighborhoods and you want to make sure your scooter investment is safe. We offer professional installation of alarm systems for your scooter or moped in Las Vegas. Our alarms are loud and act as a great deterrent to thieves any time of day.

  • Installation & Test of Alarm System

  • Optional Remote Start Available on Some Models

Price: $60.00 Installed


Moped Ignition Repair & Replacement

Lost your keys? Desert dust gum up your ignition? Don’t worry, Blackjack has you covered. Professional installation of ignition switch components and replacement of your scooter’s seat key are available.

  • Installation & Testing of Ignition System

  • Re-install Remote Start/Killswitch Systems (optional)

Price: $25.00 Installed


Moped Carburetor Replacement

Scooter carburetors can sometimes wear down and break in the Las Vegas summer heat. We offer installation and upgrading of this critical piece of your scooters airflow system.

  • Installation & Testing of Carburetor

  • Adjustment of Valves and Jets for Optimal Power

Price: $65.00 Installed


Aftermarket Scooter Exhaust

Aftermarket exhaust systems for your scooter will create a cooler ride, a more aggressive “street bike” sound, and give you better overall performance. We offer several exhaust systems to fit your scooter.

  • Installation of Exhaust System

  • Adjustment of Idle if Necessary

Price: $100.00 Installed


New Battery Installation

Batteries sometimes go bad, especially in the heat of Las Vegas. 4 amp and 7 amp battery options for your scooter are available and includes installation.

  • Installation of 4 or 7 amp battery

  • Voltage Test

Price: $45.00 (4 amp), $55.00 (7 amp)


Moped Tire Installation

When your scooter blows a tire or needs a new set of shoes, bring it to Blackjack. We’ll get you road ready with high quality tires and professional installation.

  • Installation of front or rear tire

  • Tire balance

Price: $60.00 Installed. $30.00 for tire only.