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Las Vegas Scooter Service & Moped Repair

Blackjack Mopeds will service any brand of motor scooter in Las Vegas at our dedicated moped service department. We provide top-notch moped servcice times at the lowest prices in town! We provide a free estimate before starting any work on your street legal moped in Las Vegas. Our scooter mechanics are certified and have over 30 years experience working on scooters in Las Vegas.

Expert Scooter Mechanics in Las Vegas

At Blackjack Mopeds & Scooters in Las Vegas we know our products like the back of our hand. Our technicians have worked with motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, quads, trikes, and more. Free free to give us a call or bring your bike down to our dedicated department for scooter service in Las Vegas for an inspection and free estimate.


Preventative Scooter Maintenance in Las Vegas

Blackjack Mopeds recommends you have one of our qualified mechanics inspect your scooter every 90 days or 1500 miles, whichever comes first. Mopeds & scooters require regular tightening of critical components due to the high vibration of the engine. If your scooter is not inspected regularly, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation or possibly broken down. We offer a scooter inspection and maintenance program that includes:

  • Complete oil & spark plug change

  • Inspection & tightening of key screws and bolts

  • Inspection of all lights and safety equipment

  • Tire pressure adjusted to proper PSI

  • Adjust carbeurator idle speed

  • Charge battery to optimal voltage


Performance Parts & Scooter Upgrades in Las Vegas

Our dedicated parts department stocks aftermarket and OEM scooter repair parts and anything we don't have on hand we are glad to order for you. If you need parts or installation, just give us a call and we'll get you handled. Our moped parts and service prices can't be beat!

  • 80cc Upgrade Kits

  • 100cc Upgrade Kits

  • Performance Clutch Upgrades

  • Moped Tune-Ups

  • Change & Troubleshoot Bulbs & Blinkers

  • Variator Weight Replacement & Upgrades

  • Clutch Spring Replacement & Upgrades

  • CDI Computer Replacement & Upgrades

  • Windshield Installation

  • Alarm Installation

  • Trunk Installation

  • Phone Holders & Other Accessories

  • Engine Swaps

  • Towing Services Available

  • Engine Oil & Spark Plug Change

  • Gear Oil Change

  • Full Scooter Inspection

  • Install New Brake Pads

  • Non-Running Diagnosis

  • Clean & Replace Carburetors

  • Muffler Replacement & Upgrades

  • Electrical System Diagnosis

  • Valve Adjustment

  • Replace Shocks

  • Replace Cables (Throttle, Etc.)

  • Replace Body Panels

  • Change Front & Rear Tires

  • Install & Charge Batteries

  • All High-Performance Upgrades